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Rethinking Winter 
Wreath Decor
 Winter Wreath Decor

 a Garden watering can used as a garden chandelier

Turning a cd rack into a double bulb floor lamp,Fernando &Johanna

Refinishing Entertainment Equipment veneer to blend into interior decor,Fernando & Johanna

Using Clay Pots & Planters in Interior Decor as centerpieces,Fernando & Johanna

HardWood Alternatives that could saved you money,Fernando & Johanna

Seasonal Garland made from oyster shells and crystal teardrops,Fernando & Johanna

Using brick like panels to give the effect of a real brick wall,Fernando & Johanna

Using a chesser drawer to store wine collection,Fernando & Johanna

A Rattan Wicker chair refinished for indoor use,Fernando & Johanna

Using Oyster Shells to create a weighted patio table cloth,Fernando & Johanna

Using Edison light bulb in a pendant lighting fixture,Fernando & Johanna

Making over a small balcony into a functional space,Fernando & Johanna

 Organizing Small Closet Spaces,Fernando & Johanna

Turning a vintage chandelier into modern fixture using crystals,Fernando & Johanna

A small apartment kitchen Redone on a thrifty budget,Fernando & Johanna

A lampshade makeover using oyster shells, Fernando & Johanna

Using wooden picture frames to frame your glass art,Fernando & Johanna

Techniques on how rugs can be layered to give depth to floors,Fernando & Johanna

A contemporary fireplace made from scrap wood,crystals and fireballs,Fernando & Johanna

Using and LED TV to create the Picture perfect Photo wall,Fernando & Johanna


Creative Spaces within a Space (,Fernando & Johanna

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