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How to: Makeover and Decorate Small Patios and Balconies

Small Patio Balcony makeover with outdoor furniture,outdoor rug, throws and potted plants

Effectively decorating your outdoor space will intricately enhance the overall flow of your indoor living area, hence expanding your indoor living real estate to the outdoors. 

Adding certain pieces of outdoor items, including furniture that cohesively follow the flow of your indoor decor will seamlessly take the indoors out, while drawing the outdoors in. 

Was this a little of a tongue twister, or was it fairly clear !  

This is what the Porch/Balcony looked like prior to the complete removal and remodel process.

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Image of a small balcony with bistro seating

Another view taken from the inside of the apartment condo. As you can see, these were of solid concrete and were once very appealing. 
Nevertheless this has now grown old, and it's time for a much needed contemporary update.

image of small balcony with concrete ledge removed and replaced with Glass ledge.

Ok. Now we are talking. This Porch/Balcony is beginning to take on a much more contemporary and or modern flair.

These Balcony Tempered Hurricane proof Glass and railings are just what this space needed. The blue tinted film you see is simply the protective film that will be removed once all the remodel is done.
The large plywood was simply used for safety and to prevent the children from going towards the balcony until it was all fully completed and secured.

Another Image of the completed balcony rails. This condo unit has a double balcony which makes it longer lengthwise. 
A fabulous space for entertaining

Here is a close up shot of this over sized patio storage bin. This is about an 6 year old bin which has withstood the test of time and continues to do so. The owners wanted to keep it. 
Way to Go Guys. (Don't throw it away, restore it !)

The only thing we decided to do here, was to give it a nice overall by painting it.  

In this image we wanted to show you how this bin looked prior to the completed project. Old scuffs and stains on the original finish (on the left) and fresh first light coat of paint (on the right). 

Painting Outdoor storage box, latex paint, from home depot stores

Up close pic of the rust-Oleum Latex gloss almond paint. This was the closest match we could find to the original color considering we did not want to change the overall finish. 
Even if some areas were to be missed, it would also blend in nicely with the factory finish.  

Small Patio Balcony makeover with outdoor furniture,rugs, throws and plants

Here you can admire a sneak peak on how this space is coming together on one end of the balcony. Some up close photos of the embellishments used to to add character and functionality will follow next.   

Outdoor patio cushions, throws, pillows, from Target stores, By: JoFer Interiors
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP

Up close and personal view of these square outdoor polypropylene filled and acrylic lined cushions. The advantages of these cushions are:

a. extremely light and easy to put away if you prefer not to have them get wet during the wet seasons.  Also have handy carrying handles. 

b. extremely weather resistant and able to wicker water out of its fibers, hence increasing the dry time.  

Outdoor patio cushions, throws, pillows, from Target stores, By: JoFer Interiors

c. The cushions are able to bounce right back into shape after a few minutes of not sitting on them. 

d. last but not least. These could also serve as footstools if needs be.  

Outdoor patio cushions, throws, pillows, container planters, By: JoFer Interiors

Here is our finish storage patio deck box with its fresh coat of latex outdoor paint. A few things we liked about this bin were: 

Its durability as we mentioned before is superb. Before deciding to place an outdoor bin cover to preserve its life span even more, this baby has been taking a beating from mother nature day in and day out. 

Its ability to really keep water out. There has been no issues with moisture or leaks whatsoever.

Outdoor patio Umbrella, Sunbrella, throws, Sea shells  By: JoFer Interiors

There is so much versatility you can acquire from a throw. As you can see, we used this vintage style throw as a backdrop to the bin. Giving it a headboard look if you will. 

We placed two metallic color painted clay flower pots on each side to hold the throw in place in the case of strong winds. If you look closely you will also see shells and rocks which were also painted. We used this to simply add more weight to the pots and some "SUMMER THEME SPUNK" !  

Note: We painted the pots because we  truly believe that if you are going to use an object to serve a purpose, why not make it an interesting piece of art

Outdoor area rugs, patio cushions, throws, pillows, from Target stores,  By: JoFer Interiors

Here is a ground level view of this beautiful floral 5 X 7 outdoor polypropylene area rug. 

Using rugs outdoors will definitely draw that indoor warmth to the outdoors while providing some comfortable walking ground for those tired feet. .  

Outdoor area rugs, outdoor coolers, By: JoFer Interiors

The owners also had an old extra large fiberglass plant container that was dingy, old and on its way to the trash. 

we were able to salvage this container by means of using the same latex almond paint used on the storage box, as base coat and some metallic spray paint ( Rose pink, Steel, and Icy Grey ) to give it some sparkle. 

Note: If you paint the inside of the container as we did here, it's best you place a plastic party clear container as seen below inside to hold the ice and drinks. ( You wouldn't want anyone to take ice that's been sitting in a bucket of paint. )

Outdoor area rugs, coolers, container, planters By: JoFer Interiors

The results as you can see above was splendid, if you pardon our modesty. 

Wouldn't you say so yourself !   

Outdoor area rugs, Sunbrella, patio cushions, throws, pillows, fiberglass fountains,  By: JoFer Interiors;

Above you can now see and take in the fresh air on this side of the balcony. 

This completed side of the balcony has enough seating for those who enjoy the fresh outdoor air with: Two Giant polypropylene / polyester filled cushions and two 30 x 30 outdoor pillow cushions used as backrest. 
A fiberglass hanging waterfall, A six feet wooden frame Sunbrella, and some throws in case it's a little nippy outside. 

Oh. Lets not forget the fresh coat of outdoor Semigloss, high traffic paint. 

Semigloss or Gloss: Allows for better cleaning if needs be, hence making the finish look fresh for longer periods of time. 
High Traffic Paint : Works the same way, as it allows for an extended lifetime of the throttled grounds.

Outdoor patio heaters, Gas stoves, Gas fireplaces, Fire glass, By: JoFer Interiors

This is a Gorgeous Lava Heat outdoor / patio heater we placed on the other side of the balcony that's under roof. It also serves as a Handsome focal point for this space.

This bad boy originally sells for $900 dollars or more. We got this from a local Home Goods store on a clearance sale for $99.80.

Someone say Bu ya. Is this a steal of a deal or what 

It is sure to create a beautiful glow in the cooler months of the year. Adding some fire glass fillings [Source:Non-Sponsored] at the bottom will reflect some mesmerizing sparkle and shimmer. 

We also added some fire balls purchased at Moderustic online store [Source:Non-Sponsored]. These fireballs can take great loads of heat and also reflect some glow due to their high gloss heat resistant paint. 

NoteIn the warmer months of the year you may opt to place some candles in the fireplace if you still desire to enjoy the shimmer, while avoiding the heat from the BTU's 

As promised, here is an up close look of this fireplace in all of its splendor. 

Note: This fireplace did not come with all the sparkle you see. ( A future post will follow explaining how fire rocks, fire glass, and fire balls can be added to any gas burning fireplace. ) 

Outdoor patio heaters, Gas stoves, Gas fireplaces, Fire glass, By: JoFer Interiors
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP
(Sorry We'll shut it of now because it's summer and it's blazing HOT out here ! )

Outdoor furniture, centerpieces, from Target stores, By: JoFer Interiors
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP
Here is a bistro patio table along with a pair of armed aluminum patio chairs that have been coated with a couple coats of semigloss clear coat for a subtle sheen. 

Note: If you look closer you can also notice its rustic characteristics.

The clear coat will also extend the lifetime of the chairs as it will protect it from the elements. 

Outdoor furniture, centerpieces, DeLoach Merlot, By: JoFer Interiors
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP

Some metallic color painted clustered oyster/clam shells beautifully nestled in a clay flower pot, makes for a Gorgeous centerpiece. 

And how could we  forget the bottle of Russian Merlot which will complement the evening once this makeover is completed. 

Outdoor furniture, centerpieces, Decor pillows, DeLoach Merlot, By: JoFer Interiors
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP
Just another Birds eye view of where the evening dinner will be served. 

Outdoor area rugs, Sunbrella, patio cushions, throws, pillows, fiberglass fountains,  By: JoFer Interiors;

Full end to end view of balcony from the far end. 

Outdoor furniture, centerpieces, Gas Fireplaces, Outdoor area rugs, By: JoFer Interiors
By: JoFer Interiors

Another nighttime view of the entire other end of the balcony fully decorated and ready for your guest, or for your own enjoyment. Why not
Bellow we have shared a short video taken by night of this Beautiful, functional space. 
Note: A Day time view can also be accessed by clicking the link on top right hand corner of this video.

To all Cheers. And Enjoy ! 

Publisher(s) Note: This non-sponsored video is exclusively for the 
enjoyment of the viewers of this page.

Conclusion: There you have it. Another completed project, and another happy home dweller. This was a very unique space given the uncommon large size of the balcony. Nevertheless, when Decorating Small Patios and Balconies, always think functional. Keep in mind furniture that can either be folded, light, or serve a double purpose. This will allow for better storage and easy re-positioning if needs be. 

As always, we will love to hear what you think about this balcony Space Made Perfect idea

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