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Hello! You have arrived at our kids corner page.
Lets face it; Your little bundle(s) of joy are here, and now you find yourself having to face the decision of most likely having to reface your whole living space. 
You take one more good look at that retreat you call home and think to yourself, soon this will all be turned into "one huge playground."

For those of us with children, we know this feeling all too well. After the early years of confining our precious ones in a nursery, we find ourselves having to expand their horizon, hence having to extend their play area. 
Do you have the option of a dedicated playroom?

Most may not have the luxury of this option, especially if you are just starting out as a young couple and or living in the hustle and bustle of a major inner city. 
If you are renting a house or an apartment, or even if you own the place you call home, most can agree that one can run out of space rather quickly over the years. 

The accumulation of your own personal items, not to mention those of your children will overwhelm your living space to the point were you will want to make one of two decision: Throw away all that seems to get in your way, or tucking away as much as you can in a corner as means to satisfy your need for space. 

In my experience the latter option is usually the one we normally succumb to. Have you ever found yourself trying to uncluttered your closet, but always find a way to keep that clothing item that probably still has the sales tag or haven't used for the past 5 years. 

Even if you think you may lack the space to raise children and at the same time "keep your sanity;" Think again

This page was created with you in mind. The busy 9 to 5 parent who is employed, stays at home or both. 

Here you will find ideas on how it is possible to live in a neat, relaxed, uncrowded and or uncluttered living space, even if you have one or many "lovely little rascals" running around from room to room ;@).

We will also share ideas on how you can allow your children to partake in many of the everyday home activities and chores by turning these into playful competitive challenges.
Many D.I.Y projects that we tackle around the home, may also be fun activities that your kids can also participate. 
Let us take the idea of redesigning the kids bedroom or playroom for example; you can incorporate artwork or paintings that your kids themselves create giving them a sense of accomplishment. "Not to mention it will unplug them from endless hours of technology".
Now this alone could be incentive enough for the parent who's concerned about the time spent before a screen, but yet feels that their child's screen time means you can finally take a "chill pill" per say.

These are just a few of the endless ideas we will be sharing with you in our kids corner. We hope you find this page fun,cheerfully informative and helpful when deciding to take on your next interior and or exterior home project. 
We ask that you may please pardon our dust, as the links to the topics of this page are currently under construction

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