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How to:Clean and Maintain SheepSkin Rugs

Cleaning a sheepskin rug with lanolin wash

Have you stained your natural Sheepskin and wondered how on earth I'm going to get this out ! 
Before you run and grab a hold of the closest chemical agent you can find, STOP, breathe, and lets garner our thoughts before proceeding.  
There are a few ways of cleaning sheepskin. In this short post we will be discussing our best methods while attempting to keep it simple.

Professional Cleaning(mainly reserved for larger or more severe stains).
With this been said, don't assume all professional dry cleaners are leather/wool on skin professionals.
If you love your sheepskin, make sure your cleaner is trained in this area. 

Hand and or Machine Wash

Hand washing or machine washing sheepskins should be reserved ONLY for the natural color wool such as white or ivory. Dyed skins can bleed greatly, causing the wool to quickly lose its rich dyed color.

Never place sheepskin rug in a dryer, as this will dry out and cause cracks in the leather/hide.

Never use enzyme or bleach containing agents. Even detergents promoted as "gentle" like Tide or Woolite contain enzymes that are damaging to sheepskin rugs.
Any brand wool wash that is enzyme, bleach free, containing lanolin will suffice in maintaining the health and intregity of the rug. 

What is Lanolin:
Lanolin is a wax secreted by the glands of wool bearing animals like sheeps.

Note: Do not mistake the process of extracting lanolin to animal cruelty. This process is normally performed on Wool bearing animals that are already part of the meat industry. The sebaceous glands, in this case (lanolin) is the byproduct from the meat harvest.  

Some Things you'll need are: 

1. Wool brush.
2. Lanolin containing wool wash (enzyme,bleach free).
3. Large basin of water.
4. Drying area away from direct sunlight

Steps in the hand-wash process:

1. Add warm water to basin.
2. Depending on size of rug, use 1tsp of lanolin wool wash per 1G of water.
3. Soak rug for at least 20 minutes(longer depending on how soiled).
4. Gently use hands to massage the fibers while submersed. 
5. Remove and squeeze excess water solution(don't twist).
6. lay rug to dry or line dry (We prefer Line dry) as it allows gravity to freely expel water. 
7. Brush the wool once while still damp.
8. Once completely dry, brush again.
9. vigorously shake rug in order to bring back its natural fluffiness.

Note: Do not expose rug to direct sunlight or heat during the drying process. 

Steps for machine washing:

1. Use warm water wash selection
2. Use 1 Tbsp wool wash (2x3ft)rugs to 2 Tbsp (2x6ft)rug. 
3. Use Bulk/Gently cycle 
4. Lay rug to dry or hang (We prefer line dry) letting gravity expel most of the water.
5. Brush once while damp and once after dry.
6. vigorously shake rug in order to bring back its natural fluffiness. 

Spot Cleaning Rug(mostly small stains)

1. Mix a cap full of Lanolin based wool wash to 2 Cups of water and place in a spray bottle.
2. Apply to stain area generously. 
3. Rinse the area treated with warm water. 
4. Use dry clean rag by patting gently removing the excess moisture.
5. Hang or lay rug to dry fully OUT of direct sunlight.
6. Brush area once while damp,once after fully dried and Shake vigorously to natural fluffiness.  

Maintaining your rug:

1. Straighten out wool hair by regularly brushing.
2. Vacuum rug regularly, but avoid using a rotating head brush attachment. 
3. Regularly shaking rug often helps keep its fullness. 


1. Do not store rug in sunlight or heat
2. Store in cool ventilated area by avoiding non-breathable materials such as suction storage bags 

Note: Remember that your Real Sheepskin Rug is a natural breathable material and just like leather condensation may cause it to dry rot.     
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