Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How to create a Photo Portrait Wall

A portrait wall designed with wallpaper,mirrored frames, LED TV
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Just what may be hiding behind that BEAUTIFUL crystal door knob!....

Have you found it difficult to display all those great memories and photos?. 

Many of us tend to look at our most precious moments, and want to find ways to memorialize these once in a life time photo shots. The problem with this though, is that we simply can't make up our minds on which portraits to place on this so called "Portrait Wall of Memories." 

Oh; not to mention that since it is almost impossible to display all photos on a wall at one time, family and friends may feel left out if they end up not seeing any of their photos on your wall display. 

This is just way too much work if you ask me! Don't you feel the same way?

There is a solution that we believe makes it a lot simpler and sort of a stress free way of displaying not some, but all of your precious moments laying aside the tedious process of choosing. 

Just imagine omitting your mothers picture from your photo wall; Can someone say Awkward !   48x48.

If you have already gone down the path of this crucial mistake, now you know why mother has not had you over for your favorite meal or dessert for a LONG TIME!     32x32Time to make amends and make mama feel special as she should!

Further along in this post we will go through a step by step process on How to create a Family Portrait Wall that is picture perfect ! In this tutorial we will show you the materials and the tools used to implement our process. For the space of which we will reveal latter, we decided to go light and airy with our materials considering our intent to keep a consistent flow across the room. 

1. Make sure the wall you are choosing to display your framed photographs is located in an area were both yourself and your guest will be able to enjoy and appreciate your most cherished mementos. Not to mention this will do great things for opening  up the lines for conversation, especially if there are folks that we are just getting to meet.

2. Consider using an area in your home that does not have too much real estate to cover. In other words if your portrait wall is too large, you will have to use frames that are much larger in size and hence will need a larger number of these frames to cover a much larger area.  Now it is obvious to mention that if your intention is to also find a way to display that 48 X 48 canvas art, this may be your opportunity to indeed make use of the largest area available. 

3.  Use Materials that create a continuous flow throughout the rest of the home. Conversely if your intent is to create a Focal point portrait wall, then the materials you choose can be as bold in color as you please. 

4. We feel you must always, always add an interesting architectural piece of decor object on a small floating shelf for example.  This way you can switch things up easily along the way to keep things fresh and add interest.  

5. Give your photograph portrait wall a textured backdrop (wall), to add a sort of two dimensional feel and look to the final outcome. ( more on this in our step by step reveal ). 

6.  Use the one piece of technology that we believe makes A WORLD of difference ! ( This will be disclosed during our reveal. )

7. Include members of your household (kids, the hubby, the wife etc.) to join while you hang your memories. Lets face it, at the end of the day it will be for everyone's enjoyment.

8. Don't be so uptight with your project and simply HAVE FUN with it ! 

Stay with us for our next post  where we will show images of the process and disclose the final results.

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Anonymous said...

This wall paper was a great idea. It definitely makes the picture frames pop from the wall.