Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to Repurpose a Wooden Ladder into Linen Rack

A Wooden ladder re-purposed as a Linen Rack

In this short tutorial we will take a simple and weathered old wooden ladder and repurpose it into a practical linen rack. 
Considering that wooden ladders are very much a thing of the past,giving ways to the most ingenious metal ladder designs available on the market today, you may have to opt for looking at your local thrift shops for this forgotten relic.
A Wooden ladder re-purposed as a Towel Rack
Above are a few close up shots of the spray paint colors used to refinish this wooden ladder. We decided to go with the soft sheen of satin white and the reflective tones of the metallic chrome.
You may also notice that we decided to leave some inconspicuous areas of the ladder where the natural wood tones are shown.  
A Wooden ladder re-purposed as a Towel Rack
In the collage of images above you can see how we grouped a series of 7 towels. this particular ladder with an average height of 6 feet could easily rack 10 towels. Not to mention the top of the ladder that could also make way for extra folded towels and or rags.  

A Wooden ladder re-purposed as a Towel Rack
In the set of images above we added a few items that can also be displayed ready for use. Amongst these are body wash,sugar scrubs and aromatherapy products. 
You can chose to display any color towels of choice to match your bedroom or bathroom decor taste.    

A Wooden ladder re-purposed as a Towel Rack
On the top shelve of the ladder we were also able to place extra towels neatly folded and or bath rags, and glass jar for easy access to bath sponges and soap bars.
As you can already see, this old wooden ladder has been resurrected with new life giving it meaning and purpose. 
A Wooden ladder re-purposed as a Linen Rack
We added some gorgeous throws and scarves ready for the picking. You may choose to hang many or just a simple few adding character and punches of color to the your decor theme.  
A Wooden ladder re-purposed as a Linen Rack
In the above images you can see how it transformed from a common regular household handyman/handywoman tool to a creative, functional and integral display rack fit for any interior decor. 

Conclusion: It is needless to say that there are things in our living spaces that seem to get old and unpleasant to the sight as time goes by. Nevertheless,with a little ingenuity and "elbow grease" you can turn any old item into a piece of interior or exterior decor item that will be worthy "YOUR" space made perfect. 

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