Monday, April 8, 2019

How to use Fire Gel Fuel Cans in D.I.Y Decor

a box of 12 cans of Terra Flame clean burning fire gel
   Do you Love to entertain guest ! We have some heart warming ideas on how to bring warmth into any interior and or exterior space by using real flame. 
In this short post we will demonstrate how there will be no need to build expensive vented fireplaces for your indoor space (if all you are looking for is aesthetics).
 Even if you already own a real vented fireplace and you simply want the subtle feel of real flames in your home, you can always accomplish this without the messy residue of wood or the potential hazard of natural gasses. 
Clean Burning Fire Gel can truly accomplish this goal. This time we will focus on making a simple Fire bowl. (You may also find D.I.Y ventless fireplace ideas in our Archives.) 

For this particular task we will need just a few simple items:
a box of 12 cans of Terra Flame clean burning fire gel
Not all fire gel fuel cans are made equal. As you can see, these cans have no labeling along the sides. This makes sense when you consider heat and paper will be a bad combination. Pay attention to this as many manufactures still make cans with labels along the sides. 
As seen here a clever placed warning label is placed on the lid instead, in the case you lose the included instruction pamphlet. 

A bowl of choice (clear glass or porcelain) will be the foundation of this project along with a few decorative rocksfire glass, and small chrome fire balls

NoteBest to use an Oven Resistant Bowl as it can better withstand higher temperaturesAlso using a bowl with enough depth will help visually conceal most of the can giving your project the perfect finish.     
We can appreciate how the fire gel fuel can sits perfectly nestled into the bowl. Again make sure that the embellishments used can withstand high heat temperatures.
Just a few images on how this great project turned out. 
Below we have also place a video on the Unboxing of this fire gel fuel and how we used this product to create this gorgeous fire bowl and patio/garden fire ball decor, suitable for any outdoor entertainment space. ~ ENJOY ~ !  
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