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How to Re purpose a Lampshade

To match your seasonal decor  
Decorative Ceramic Oval Lampshade decorated with Oyster shells

Hello again my fellow D.I.Y Enthusiast. 
we meet again and this time we want to show you a nifty idea on How to Re purpose a lampshade.

If you were thinking on throwing out and or donating that old lampshade of yours, well think again. 
In this step by step process we will demonstrate how a pale, bland, boring lampshade can be resurrected into an adorning work of art.  

Sure you may not be in the mood or even have the slightest thought on were to begin and buying a new one seems, well easy!

But were is the fun in that my friends. 

I have always loved the effect a D.I.Y. project has on friends and relatives when they ask themselves the question, "You did this"? 
The wide open 32x32 s and facial gestures are priceless. It always beats the thought of throwing stuff out and going new all the time.  

Note: Please also view the Non-sponsored video clip to the right of this page shared by Lamps Plus.This clip show you tips on how to measure your lampshades. 
Ok. Enough of the small talk and lets get down to re-purposing. Or should I say Revamping this shade !  

Above you will take notice of this drum shaped lampshade. Its simple, white, and lacks some character. 

We used this small gauge rope string we purchased at Joan's fabrics and craft store[Source:Non-sponsored]. The rope comes in a spool and you will have to separate it into a single long strand. We will use this to string it through the clear nylon fishing thread line as you will see latter. 

In this image you can appreciate the small hole that was drilled into the shell. We proceeded to string the nylon fishing line you can find at wal-mart,through the whole of each shell and made a knot to keep in place. Make sure you don't tie the knot too close to the shell, as you will need some space between the shell and nylon string in order to thread the rope. 

You may choose to attach as many shells you deem convenient to your taste. We chose to go with three at a time. Once you have strung all shells together with nylon thread, you will then use a piece of the the rope we spoke about previously to keep the shells together with a firmer grip. The rope will prevent the shells from dancing around by keeping them in place.   

The next step is to use some good old hot glue gun. We purchased this one at the Target store along with some inexpensive hot glue sticks. 

Here you can see how the rope holds the shells in place. We then proceeded to attach each grouped shell to the lampshades metal post. You will add some hot glue to the area first and then place the rope while holding it in place for about 30 seconds at the least. You need to give the glue time to cool and harden prior to moving on. Repeat this step for every metal post on the lampshade.   

Here is a close up  birds-eye shot of the grouped shells attached to the lampshade post. 

Another view of all shells attached. 

Note: Because the shells were attached to each other initially by the nylon thread, they can be flipped around as you please. This gives you some flexibility as to interchangeably demonstrating the shells inner and outer linings. 

We then proceeded to attach the shells to the lampshade itself by adding a generous amount of hot glue to the shell first, and attaching it to the desired area on the lampshade. 

Very important ! Hold the shells against the lampshade for about 45 seconds to a full minute. Remember that you are working against gravity and if you rush this part of the process, the shade and the shells "will not" bond well.   

re purposing a lampshade with seasonal decor ideas.
By: JoFer Interiors

A view of the lampshade with all of its "Clammed" glory.  OK Bad Joke. Lets move on

re purposing a lampshade with seasonal decor ideas.
By: JoFer Interiors

Another view from another angle as the "clammed" lampshade sits nestled in the nook. 

re purposing a lampshade with seasonal decor ideas.
By: JoFer Interiors

Close up view with the lights on. (Depending on your browser, you may need to scroll right/left and up/down.)

Ideas on repurposing a lampshade with seasonal decor
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP
Just another view because we know you just "Love It." ;@)

Decorative Ceramic Oval Lampshade decorated with Oyster shells

Another view from another angle as the "clammed" lampshade sits nestled between the plants. 

Conclusion: Well there you have it my friends, a How to Re purpose a Lampshade made easy. We hope you enjoyed this one as much as we did. This was a fun D.I.Y project for us. Always Remember that Design and Decor usually tend to change with time and the ideas "you" create for your space will always bring a sense of fulfillment. As we always say, let the spaces you create be perfectly "YOURS".  

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