Tuesday, December 4, 2018

How To: Create Stocking Stuffer Winter Decor

This winter season consider looking at what lays in your backyard, as you seek ideas on decorating your indoor living space. 
as the leaves fall from your shrubs and trees and the pine cones beguin to find their way to the ground, this could mean endless decor possibility options. 

In this short post we will show you an idea based on a few simple steps that is sure to add some glam and sparkle to your interior or exterior winter decor scheme.

First let's talk about some items that will be required to complete this project. 
Above we have laid out some of the fixings, among these are a bag full of small and or mini pine cones, a glue gun and glue gun refills, a can of glossy white and metallic chrome spray paint and some back yard trimmings we garnered from leafless shrubs and trees.
Step 1.  
Apply hot glue to the end of the pine cone and attach to the desired areas of the shrub or tree limbs. Use as many cones as you deem necessary according to your particular taste. In this project we used 3 to 4 cones per limb. 
It's all coming together. Once the hot glue cures, the cones will be fully secured like concrete to these limbs. 

Step 2. 
Note: After you have placed all the desired cones onto the limbs, you will proceed to spray paint these as desired and once fully dried, place them in your favorite stocking.

For this desired decor scheme we went with glossy white  and metallic chrome silver to add the desired sparkle undertones. We then placed the limbs into a pair of beige and gold metallic cowhide stocking stuffers.  
Step 3. 
We love to incorporate the look of crystals into our decor ideas, therefore opted to go with these 100% pure crystal gems. Amongst the types useds were clear teardrops and raindrops, victorian prism and some french cuts. 

The rainbow glow that reflects from these pieces being placed  adjacent to a ceiling to floor bay sliding glass door, is simply glorious.  
The sparkle from the interior lighting of your living space as it bounces around these gorgeous crystals, is also a site that is sure to get your guest talking. 

Step 4.
Step back and enjoy the view !
We chose to display the completed project by hanging it onto an oversized gloss white modern wall art mirror which sits over a contemporary floating fireplace.  
You may also opt to placing this creative idea on your balcony, porch and or sunroom. 
As the sun rays reflects of the crystals, it will fill your chilled winter wonderland of a space with a rainbow spectacle of colors.  

Note: These crystals already come with pre-drilled holes in which you will simply have to thread an ornamental hook in order to hang it on the limb. 
You may choose to add any other embellishments that suits your taste, such as holiday ornaments for example.  

Below we have also placed a short video snippet that better displays the completed project ~ENJOY~

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