Thursday, August 3, 2017

How To: Use Edison Bulbs as Pendant Lighting

An elephants head wall art, used as a pendant lighting fixture

And how these can be easily implemented into any Interior Space. 

Using wall art as pendant lighting fixtures

The pendant lighting starts with this solid metal elephant wall art sculpture that once had a chrome finish. We wanted for it NOT to stand out as much, therefore painted it with colors that had a similar palate to the wall. 

Tones of Iced Grey and Satin Metal Grey were used to give this piece its distinct and one of kind look. 

Our intentions is to use this piece of wall art to suspend our Edison bulb pendant lighting over this nook area. 

36 inch round mirror  & elephant head wall art used as pendant lighting,
This is a larger image of other items that sit below this beautiful wall art.  We also added an 8 x 8, 3/8 thick floating glass shelf that will be great for placing other interesting ornaments that can be used to complement the seasons.  
Wall art pendant lighting fixtures, stone color faux fur,crystal door knobs, velvet upholstered chair in a nook area.
Another close up view which includes a lush curled arm iron vintage chair covered in exquisite bluish-grey velvet upholstery.  

While the warm feel of a stone colored 2 X 3 faux fur draws your attention to sit and relax for just a while. 

This is a pendant lighting fixture that comes with a fabric covered cord. You can get these at most local home improvement store. 

The benefits of using these decorative fabric covered pendant lighting fixtures are

Well; they are decorativeThe bulb fixture comes in several different finishes that is sure to complement any decor. 
The metal ( silver, nickle,chrome, gold ) finishes of the bulb sockets alone will make your project look expensive and much more classy. 

The flexibility of the fabric cords makes it a breeze to twist, wrap around and bend around corners if needs be. All this without destroying the integrity of the cord. 

They come with a ON/OFF switch on the fixture itself, therefore preventing the constant need to plug and unplug the lighting. 

As if this wasn't enough. Did we mention these are only about $10 (ten dollars) for a 15 foot length cable (Edison bulbs are sold separately for about $3 to $7 dollars depending on size. ) 

Edison Sphere bulb used on a pendant light fixture

An up close view of the Edison bulb already installed and ready to display its "glow of amber glory". 

Note: These bulbs come in many sizes and shapes.

Elephant wall art used as fixture to suspend Edison bulb pendant lighting

Here you can appreciate how the pendant lighting fabric cord was wrapped around one of the elephants tusk. 

Note: Using non-fabric cords is possible, but will make the task of wrapping it around and staying in place very difficult.   

JoFer; Edison light bulbs;pendant lighting
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP
Another frontal view. What do you think so far ! 

Note: If you look above the elephant head you will notice how the rest of the cord was fed into a cable organizer just below the white crown molding. This will help keep the look much more discrete  

Elephant wall art used as fixture to suspend Edison bulb pendant lighting
Here you see this idea come to fruition ready to give light to the space. 

Elephant wall art used as fixture to suspend Edison bulb pendant lighting

Here is a Bottoms-Up view of our pendant lighting. As you can see the bulb is not lit at the moment.  

faux fur;crystal door knobs; velvet upholstered chair;pendant lighting;JoFer
View of this nook area completely embellished with all the necessary pieces to make for a tranquil morning, evening or night if you will. 
The choice of when to take advantage of the created space is completely yours. 

Bottoms-Up view of our pendant lighting ON and all other lights in the room OFF. 

photograph of a nook area with faux fur, crystal door knobs on a french door room divider,velvet upholstered vintage chair.

A birds eye view of this creative idea on how to use an Edison bulb in a pendant lighting fixture. 
Conclusion: Despite all the ideas and designing cliches that may be floating around, one thing is for sure. Lighting is key to showcasing any well decorated space. Nevertheless you don't always have to purchase these. With a little imagination you can always turn that old item in your storage into an ingenious work of art. 

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