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  Hello fellow blogger(s), D.I.Y and Everything Home Enthusiast; We are JoFer Interiors bringing you unique D.I.Y ideas and "All Things Home" that truly makes "YOUR" Spaces Made Perfect.

We believe in creating spaces where those who seek comfort withing their interior and exterior living environment can be inspired by the work of their own handiwork. 

In this little slice of the social media world we will talk mainly on Design, Decor and Organizing spaces, while also 
offering inside tips on Travel.

Our belief is that we are all placed on this earth with a talent and whatever that God given talent may be, some of us just need well; A little Inspiration! per say. 

We are Blissfully Wedded for 10 Years and share a humble home in the Sunshine State. We are bloggers, Home Staging, Decor & Organizing enthusiast with professional aspirations.  

We are also full time ( all the time ;0)) Parents, Foster Parents and Caregivers of 3 wonderful children.  

Yes folks, its Miami Vice alright
Just kidding. We love the outdoors and therefore think the sunshine state was an amazing choice when it came to balancing Family, Career, Hobbies and our passions for Everything Home

A DOVELY wedding Evening. Excuse us, we meant a LOVELY wedding evening ! 

These faces are truly were our Aspirations become our perfect Inspiration.

No Pets At this time!48x48  At least the kids feel this way.

We must admit though, we don't know how much longer we can put the whole pet situation off. Maybe Sometime in the near future.

Ah Venice! 
We Love traveling and feel there's no better way of experiencing design and decor, than by traveling and seeing it up close. Travel Tips will be on the horizon soon, and how decor can be seamlessly incorporated into your ideas when you encounter different cultural themes.  

Photo of Venice river bank
Well More on that later.

Our Love and Passion for creating Peaceful, Organized, Comfortable Loving Homes, has cascaded into using blogging as the means to share with others our expressed Love for what we do. 

The name JoFer was simply a fusion of both our names, and after little thought, the subtle ring of the infused names began to sound delightfully charming to us and hence became OUR social brand now known as JoFer Interiors_SMP. 

We must admit that blogging was not OUR thing by any means! 

As time went by, and we rolled out our first  ("Nook Stacular") Blog, the hardest thing was to hit that "scary publish button". 

The thought of others ever reading it was daunting, and in someways embarrassed about the fact that someone will critique your writing, was on the other hand nerve-racking.  

If you have, and can ever remember your first article, you may know what I'm talking about. 

The wrenching gut feeling of whether this is a good yet alone great idea was fathomless.


If you are new to this world of blogging, WE PROMISE it all gets better in due time.  

Nevertheless, we plunged right in and took on the challenge, and a couple months latter;


We must admit that having a conversation with you the reader and sharing ideas is the best part of it all. I believe it is more like having a so called "Virtual Social Life."

We where never much of the social media type, and for those of us with "Little Ones," the idea of having time to pen our passions down on paper; well in this case, Ink on Screen ! seemed far fetched.

If your Aspiration is to Design? We say just go ahead and do it; putting aside, but not completely dismissing all the industry slogans and "How To" of creating a space.

I know, I Know,or then again; "We Know".

At this point you may think you have stumbled on a blog that attempts to show you the "How To" of creating a space in your home and therefore this advise seems contradictory. 

The message we intend to deliver is one of self confidence.The Ideas that designers furnish in the numerous vehicles of advertisement we encounter, should not be "cemented" into our own ideology of what perfect Designing / Decor should be. 

When it comes to Design and Decor remember this; "there's no real consensus" regarding many of the quote on quote industry rules. 

Please lets not be misunderstood and notice the word "many" in the above statement. Conversely we must say there are rules in design and decor that can at times be bent, but not broken. 

A Good designer may have the talent to perform the task fairly well on his or her own. Nevertheless, a Great designer takes his or her own design concepts along with the advise and the inputs of others and hence combines these concepts to create "Spaces that are truly made perfect".

Have we explained this concept well enough ? 32x32.

Well we hope so; because your comments and opinions are also what makes us better at what we do. 

You can find us an various social networking sites such as Pinterest,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mix, TumBlr . You may also contact us via email at smp.JoFerInteriors@gmail.com

If you are interested in all DIY things made Trendy, Thrifty, Chic, Glam and Contemporary with a twist of Vintage; Then you are at the right place.  

Now that the curtains are down and you know a tad about us, we hope you find this Blog a Space Made Perfect for you to share and express "YOUR" thoughts and Ideas. We'll Love to hear from you. 
And wherever you find yourself on the internet, we which you HAPPY BLOGGING ;0)
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