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How To Use Plants in Interior Home Decor

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(Updated Post: To The Nook "Stacular" Creative Spaces Within a Space.) 

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Hello to all of you. 
The Fall season is here and the winter Bugs Buzz is in the air. Well the bugs are in as well considering where you live at this time of the year, but if you are into home gardening bugs will also be a plus for your beautifully Fall/ winter blooms

No matter what time of the year, there are distinctive species of plants and foliage that could keep your interior space feeling and looking alive. YES, even in those dreadful, bone chilling seasons! 

Once again we are here to share with you some ideas regarding our previous post on "The Nook Creative Space Within a Space". For those who read our previous post,you may recall we made mention of materials and or items that could be used to embellish your newly decorated interior space. Among these embellishments we used foliage from hardy perennial plants.  

Below are some important facts one should know if attempting to use plants indoors. These include: 

Type of Plant

We mentioned that our choice of indoor plant for this space was the so called ZZ plant or (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia). Learn more about this plant here. [Non sponsored Source:Wikipedia]
It was discussed that this plant is very tolerant to low light environments and practically take neglect like a true champion. Lets face it, with all the day to day concerns that already surrounds our lives, who needs to add another high maintenance, attention demanding object to our already busy lifestyles. 

We all know that when remodeling or giving our living space a complete face lift,there are materials that we tend to have concerns for. 
You Know! the VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) in paint, adhesive fumes, among many other concerns when using building materials. Adding indoor plants into your Home Decor ideas, will not only marry the indoors with the outdoors, but will naturally BRING LIFE in your home! 

Ohh you think this is just cliche! 

Just take a look around the web and decide for yourself if this all makes sense. Then again nature speaks for itself. I will say look around you and start there first.
This is why plants can survive the most harsh conditions and bounce back to life after absorbing nature's and man's wrath. 

Now with this been said, indoor plants help absorb most of the impact of the presence of harsh air born chemicals that sort of lurk indoors. Using these plants aesthetically through out our design ideas, adds an element of functionality and natural beauty.

Know Your Plant
As with any plant when using for indoor purposes,growth tends to be slower. This is normal as the plant is not exposed to the natural outdoor elements and minerals in the soil.
It is always better to wait for the plant to be completely root bound. You can identify root bound plants by simply noticing its dense roots starting to project from the bottom of the drain holes and also pushing against the original plastic pot in which they are normally sold at the nursery. View Photos here of ZZ plant root bound in its original plastic pot. 

By no means believe that we are saying this is"The Best" plant choice to use indoors. The information that we are attempting to have you digest here, is simply that for this particular interior apartment nook space, this was our intended choice. 
Your individual design idea concept will almost always determine the plant choice for your space.

Size of plant 

This is obviously also another factor that will be determined by the real estate of your living area. If your ceilings are high around the neighborhood of (10 to 12ft ) or so, then small plants that grow up to 3 to 4ft in height will make your overall design look a bit dwarfed. Conversely, plants that are too tall or stout in overall size may make a small space look overwhelmed. 

Making a Statement  

Now this may seem to be a conflicting piece of detail, but there are times when decorating or designing a small area the bigger the better. Ahh, what was that again. You heard right. The Bigger the Better!  
Nevertheless don't over do it when trying to make a impact in the space. One piece of oversize plant in a decorative planter can deliver a lot of punch to a small space.    

Plant placement
The ZZ plant doesn't only not give you any fuss, it rewards you with beautiful foliage year round. 
Yes! indoor, outdoor,and whether it faces north, south, east, or in the west of your home it will adapt very, very well. 
Just don't stick it in the closet. Ideas used in our apartment nook Space  

On that same note, I must say the zz plant foliage that frames the flowers and the vase you are about to see below, have been siting there for the past 3 weeks prior to the photographs taken. The greenery is still going strong and shows no signs of yellowing, browning or dying anytime soon.   
Here are some photos we took at one of our design settings using the pruned foliage as backdrop to some beautiful white roses ENJOY!

Dining table center pieces with zz plant foliage; white roses; silver balls

 ZZ Plant sits lovely in a Square glass vase. Serves as backdrop to white petal roses.

Glass Dining table center pieces with zz plant foliage; white roses; silver balls; glass candle holders

 ZZ Plant sits lovely in a Square glass vase in both ends of this glass dinning table.

Plants in indoor home decor

You can also view key aspects of this plant and others like it at this site[Source:Non sponsored]. We find it to be very helpful in helping us make our selections when using shrubs or plants in Interior Home Decor  .

Please view our previous related post here on "The Nook" and our  archives to view all other post.

ZZ Plant displays its natural beauty with deep shiny green foliage.

Rattan Recliner, Decor pillow, Rubber plant, bird of paradise, Throws, snake plant used in interior decor

Image of other types of plants used indoors. More on these plants and their benefits in future post. 

Rattan Recliner, Decor pillow, Rubber plant, bird of paradise, snake plant used in interior decor

Natuzi Recliner, Decor pillow, Rubber plant, bird of paradise, snake plant used in interior decor

Depending on the lighting in your space, the plants you display in your home can truly reflect a vivid display of colors and tones that can truly make your interior space literally "COME ALIVE" sort of speak.  

Hope you enjoyed your visit here today.

 As we always says here at Spaces Made Perfect. What ever your design aspirations may be, make your space... YOURS!

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