Saturday, March 18, 2017

The How To of Creating an Entryway

So you are planning to have a gathering !

But where to start with all the planning? 
Are these some of the questions you may at times ask yourselves? 

Well lets begin by saying that first impression are important and says a lot about a person. When it comes to the home, your character may indeed be reflected by your living environment, wont you say.

For instance, if you visit a friends or relatives home and it looks disturbingly messy from the time they open the front door, wouldn't you tend to conjure up an idea of how the rest of the home may look!

Ohhh lets not take it personal; its no judgement, just an opinion that tends to flash through our minds suddenly as we attempt to asses a given situation at times

Well enough of the "food for thought" and lets talk how this applies to home decor and or design.

As mentioned earlier in the post. The day has come for your long awaited gathering and you are trying to get the home ready for your guest. Where do you or where should you start?. As a rule of thumb with interior designers and or decorators, the jury is out and the verdict is in; The entryway.

Creating an entryway is indeed where you should make your first impression. Entryways should express or reflect what the guest should expect through out the rest of the home
We believe that it should meet, greet, and have a welcoming effect on your guest.

Know picture this ! The day has arrived and it is a misty and slightly rainy day. Bummer right! Nevertheless rain or shine the party is on and your guest are at the door and as you great them, you point them towards the seating area; or should we say the "mingle area."

As they sit, they find themselves having to shove their belongings: Purse, handbag, or even that damp umbrella; somewhere in the neighborhood of where they are seated. 

NOT NEAR THE COUCH PLEASE! If you haven't yelled that out as a spontaneous reaction, you have at least cringed as you saw it happen.

OH No,Ah Yeah!
That musty, damp umbrella near your chair, or sofa. Not Good!  

What if we worked towards creating an entryway space that would allow your guest to take the load off immediately as they entered your home. 

Note: Please be advised that some of your guest might have strong feelings about simply laying their stuff on the floor. Believe me when I say the power of superstition is; How can I put this; Powerful !

Not to mention that it may just seem like a bad hosting job on your behalf 
When it comes to having your guest relax, think accessories without forgetting the time of season. Think about how you would dress if you were to be the one visiting someone !  In other words if it's a summer gathering; guest apparel may be light and may require a place to hang a simple light purse or hand bag.

When it comes to some of the Joli/Holi winter gatherings; Think bulky, heavy, seasonal items your guest may want to check in at the door. Try incorporating floor coat rack and purse hangers. Even better, keep floors clutter free by placing hangers on walls above the entrance seating area.  

If you are anything like us and don't allow dirty, filthy shoes in your home, you may want to have an area where guest can kick of their shoes prior to entering the rest of your home. Now bare in mind you may get some funny looks at first since this may seem new to some folks, but it shall past fairly quickly.
Conclusion: Whatever the event, always remember that there are other aspects to a great gathering besides catering great food, and drinks. Attention is in the details folks! so lets try to make a first impression by checking our list at the entryway.

Please Stay with us and view photo images and steps on How To of Creating an Entryway. Enjoy! and don't forget to comment and shares on ideas of your own Space made Perfect. 


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Anonymous said...

You know I never thought about a bench at the door entrance. I always find myself bending to place my shoes on. Great food for thought. Thanks.