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Friday, February 24, 2017

How to Steps of a Photo Portrait Wall

The curtains are down and the time is now. 
As promised in our previous post, we are revealing the final outcome of our photographic portrait wall design. 

Also if you haven't already, view the short video clip on the right of this post shared by Better Homes and Gardens.  

The bare wall. Bland, unattractive, boring, in need of a little TLC ( Tender Love and Care).

portrait wall using white LCD screen and textured wallpaper as background

The second step in the process is adding a nice textured feel to the wall. To accomplish this we used some inexpensive wall paper [source: Non sponsored] we purchased from walmart. This stuff is actually of better quality than we thought it would be.

portrait wall using white LCD screen and textured wallpaper as background
As you can see here the textured wall paper behind the screen, of which we will talk about next.  Think about water cascading down a flat slate wall. The effect is that of a subtle water current.

portrait wall using white LCD screen and textured wallpaper as background

We then found our way as to attach a very sleek looking LED (not LCD). LED TV's are much lighter and generate about 3x less heat. As you can see in slide prior to this one, we used a non tilting flat screen bracket, as these tend to rest flush to the wall. Flatter is better especially if in the future you attempt to frame the LED screen. 

Note: Many folks would say that this is nothing new, because the idea of displaying pictures on a screen is yesterday's news. Well lets revisit this idea for a moment. These generic picture frames only deliver a set resolution that does not come close to the actual photo quality resolution of a quality DSLR or Mirror Less camera. ( For quick tips on what these are visit our: A little about photography page.) Actual Tv screens also allow the flexibility of setting numerous picture settings that are simply absent in your generic picture frames.  

 At this point we hope you have already made your choices of frames and photos. We are now ready to choose our picture frame placement on the wall. For this step we would like you to visit the link below at the end of this post

How to create  portrait wall, Mirrored frames, black and white photos, By: JoFer Interior
By: JoFer Interiors SMP

Don't be overly concerned about mixing it up when it comes to your frames. We will show you various angles of this finish project. We felt as if one angle did not do this wonderful wall any justice. 

Family portrait wall, Mirrored frames, black and white photos, By: JoFer Interior
By: JoFer Interiors SMP

Remember we spoke about adding an interesting piece as means to add an element of interest. Here we added some yeso art (shown on top right) and a vintage camera which blends perfectly with this theme. Add a vintage, modern, or contemporary chair according to your taste. When working with a full vertical wall like this one, don't be afraid of taking your wall frames as close to the floor as possible. It somehow makes the wall look taller than it would, than if you simply placed them at eye level.

Family portrait wall, Chic white faux fur storage ottoman, Mirrored frames, black and white photos, White LED TV; By: JoFer Interior
By: JoFer Interiors SMP
Seen at another angle. Here we added some other embellishments to give you an idea of how different the same portrait wall can look with a little creativity around it.  A tree branch painted with chrome/aluminum metallic spray paint sits in a gorgeous sea shell vase. This branch just looks like it really belongs there, as if nature had placed it there itself.  

How to steps to create  portrait wall, White LED TV,chic faux fur storage ottoman, By: JoFer Interior
By: JoFer Interiors SMP
Have you yet to notice the LED Tv screen display photos along the way? This is how a small portrait photo wall can easily display all, and we mean all !  off your greatest memories. Your images are displayed in full 1080P HD and or 4K resolution depending on your camera and TV capabilities. This particular LED Tv was purchased at Best Buy electronic store. It was inexpensive and if you use their BestBuy store card [Sources: Non sponsored] you get 1 point per every dollar spent. We use this card quite often when making client purchases. 

Portrait wall layout idea,white picture frames,mirrored frames,LED TV as photo display, By: JoFer

Conclusion: Well we hope you enjoyed our little tutorial on our little slice of the social media world. If you decide to make one of your own please share it with us. We will love to see your design idea come to fruition.

And  as we usually say at JoFer Interiors; when designing and or decorating, always make your space, "yours."

As promised earlier in the post, below you will find a link to what we believe is a great site regarding hanging frame work. ENJOY  :0)

Better Home and Gardens : [Source: Non sponsored] How to Arrange your photography and wall portraits effectively.  

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