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Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Effectively Organize Small Closet Spaces

How to Organize a Small space adding thrifty items
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP
By Spending Less and adding Thrifty clever pieces of Decor items making it over into the ultimate personal Home Boutique Closet Space. 

This is indeed the ultimate task at hand for our beloved home owners. Have you tried to organize your closet lately; If so, How have you been able to live among sooO much stuff

The key to organizing a small space is to keep the items of use to a minimum. This is the one area were we will say that the common use of the home decor cliche " Less is More " really plays an important role.


Here you can see the mess that has taken place in this closet area. With a little ingenuity we hope to turn this Mayhem into a more relaxing Haven of a space

There is really no way around this folks
a. You first have to decide between what is absolutely important and what is simply an item of meaningless hoarding.

b. Pardon me for been so blunt, but if you haven't used it in years, then you don't need it.  

Note: There are free websites such as ( Craigslist, Swappa etc. ) you may use to post and sell items that are new or slightly used. This way you can make back some of that money you spent.  

If posting and selling things is not your cup of tea, then you may chose to donate these to a local church, salvation army, or local thrift shop. 


So lets get to creating a more sane environment in this small 8 X 6 closet space and therefore prevent the mental instability you see here as a result 

In the Above images you can appreciate the glow of these Vintage Edison bulb string lights we used to line the top shelve racks of the closet space [Source Non-Sponsored].
First image was taken with the closet lights OFF and the latter image was taken with the closet light ON.

a. The owner may chose to turn these Edison lights on from time to time as they deem necessary to change the mood of the space.

b. The other advantage of these light bulbs, is that they don't generate  much heat, making them a great choice for a small enclosed area.

NoteNo matter were lights are incorporated, they are often used in different ways to significantly alter the mood of any decor environment. 

We have also added a short video to the right of this post on filament LED bulbs for your personal benefit and enjoyment. 

JoFer Interiors, Clothing Hangers, Decorative boxes, Lights

c. As you may have noticed, we added some textured and upholstered square storage baskets on the shelves to put away all the seasonal items that are not part of  daily use such as; scarfs, gloves, a few purses among other items [Source: Non-Sponsored].

JoFer Interiors, Clothing Hangers, Decorative boxes,

We then decided to dispose of all the generic plastic closet hangers and replaced them with these decorative clothing hangers [Sources: Non-Sponsored] we purchased  (very inexpensively ) from The Home Goods store. A box of about 25 hangers was about $10. 

Is this Thrifty or what ! 

You can also find these at Target stores, Bed Bath & Beyond and other online retailers for a little more

Note: When you dispose of your generic hangers, DON'T simply trust them into the landfill. We suggest donating them to your local Salvation Army stores., How to Organize a Small space adding velvet hangers

In this Up-Close and personal photo you can appreciate the beauty and texture of these Velvety delights.  These are available in a numerous amount of colors that will undoubtedly suit your taste.

JoFer Interiors, Decorative storage boxes, area rugs, Shoe Baskets

Now as mentioned before, the home owners had a great idea concept when they decided to place their shoes(s) into inexpensive plastic bins.

Nevertheless as more shoes were added to the collection, the cost $$$ of bins began to add up very quickly and the closet shelves began to look more like a shoe store warehouse !

As you may see above, we displayed  what we believed was the best solution to the clutter of shoe bins in this space.

a. We placed as many shoes as possible into these decorative upholstered bins as neatly and organized as possible keeping all pairs together for an easy find.

b. We only placed the shoes that were not being used very often as means of preventing the tedious task of searching for them each time. ( Latter in the post we will show you were we placed the shoe(s) that were to be used on a daily basis, so stay tuned )

Note: Decorative shoe baskets don't only diminish the clutter but gives the space a more boutique feel. 

JoFer Interiors, How to Organize a Small space using Mirrors

Added a Beautiful chic vintage stained glass mirror [Source: Non-Sponsored] on one side of the wall.

a. This will help bounce light around as mirrors tend to do, and will give a visual sense of a larger space.

JoFer Interiors, How to Organize a Small space adding thrifty items

JoFer Interiors, How to Organize a Small space adding thrifty items

Other embellishments include a Small Vintage round side table, a candle holder that will ONLY host a battery operated flame-less wax candle. " No Real Flames in this area Please ."

a. The flicker of the candle will add a subtle texture of light to the space whenever the lights are of.

b. We ran the Edison light string of lights all the way down to the  inside of the candle holder, as this will add a nice glow to the bottom of the holder.

c. Seen below we also added a plush  2  X 3 Fiord Blue Faux Fir area rug from a Walmart store for $19. Another amazing bargain.

d. We could also not forget the mirrored jewel box.

JoFer Interiors, How to Organize a Small adding Area Rugs

Note: If a woman is sharing this space with you guys, and "YOU" are the one surprising her with this makeover, the jewel box " is an absolute  must."

JoFer Interiors, How to Organize a Small Closet Space adding thrifty items

In this image we added some other embellishments such as; a hanging crystal candle holder ( that will serve as quick access to your favorite accessories ), a Vintage mirror on the rack for a quick make up makeover.

(Especially if you have to share the master bath with your inconsiderate spouse  ;0) !  

JoFer Interiors, How to Organize a Small Closet Space adding thrifty items

We also played with some other nick knacks by adding this Yeso sculpture which serves the purpose of holding necklaces, rings, earrings etc.

Organizing Small Closet Spaces, mirrored Jewels boxes, accessories

Bottoms Up View of center shelving area that serves perfectly for resting grooming items, a mirror for a quick look at your Fabulous make up and hair along with a Jewel Box.


Organizing Small Closet Spaces at
By: JoFer Interiors_SMP

NOW here we have the after images that reflect a more organized and functional space. No more clumsy mismatch plastic hangers or misplaced items.

Note:  Keep in mind that we did not try to misguide you the reader on how this space actually looks. 
Many photos of organized spaces you see posted on the web are simply staged for purposes of making it look better in their pictures. 

Here we wanted to display all items of clothing ( coats, shirts, dresses, shoes, accessories, hats etc ) and all articles the owners actually decided to keep,therefore giving you an honest unmasked  look at an effectively organized small closet space. Organizing Small Spaces, Small Closet organizing, accessories

Added a steel armchair with a touch of faux sheep skin for warmth. This space call also be used to read your early morning devotional as you get ready for your day, or a late night devotional to help you rest your head in peace.

A Water/Fire safe was also added to keep all the important paperwork clutter safely away.

Another image with the ceiling lights off and the floor standing reading lamp and Edison string light(s) on. Organizing Small Spaces

Another look at the closet floor space fully uncluttered

Conclusion: No matter how small the space in your home, always remember " Less is More" especially when Effectively Organizing small closet Spaces. Always chose pieces of decor that will be functional and NOT just for beauty as these will also add to the clutter. 

We hope this tutorial will help you in making "YOUR" own small closet space made perfect. 

As always please feel free to post your comment and if you have tried your own closet makeover we will love for you to share. 
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