Winter Seasonal Decor Items and Ideas

Winter 2018
Winter Wonder "Stocking Stuffer"
Crystal Teardrops, Ornaments and small pine cones used in winter decor.

Crystal Teardrops, Ornaments and small pine cones used in winter decor stocking stuffer

We used a couple of dried branches from a backyard and attached a couple small pine cones with some hot glue and hung a few 100% crystal teardrops and raindrops to complete the winter Icy look. 

Hanging the metallic cowhide stockings over an oversized modern mirror and contemporary floating fireplace, added the perfect touch to this interior winter decor. 
A pair of chrome metal reindeer garland holders over a contemporary fireplace
 Stocking holders come in different shapes and sizes unique to any individual taste. As seen above, the pair of silver deer holders blended perfect with our winter decor. 
Instead of using these to hold up our stockings, we decided to suspend a gemmed garland over a contemporary floating fireplace. 
The results where eye catching and worthy of a true conversational piece !
Giant Pine cones and Crystals used in making a Winter Wreath Decor
Going BIG and Bold is one of our traits here at spaces made perfect. No matter the size of your living space, going big in your decor ideas can make your small living space feel larger. 
This gorgeous non-traditional wreath was made by using wall art and a pair of rare Giant Pinecones. 
The addition of painted metallic sea shells and 100% crystal ornaments helped set the perfect tone to this #SoFloWinter decor.  
More on the step by step process can be viewed on our home page.

Winter 2019
Metallic Ball in Hand
A Metal ornamental Hand used in interior decor
A Metal ornamental Hand used in interior decor
The images above displays how a simple decor item such as this once silver metal hand, can be transformed into an interesting art piece.
We painted the hand in steel black and added a Petanque ball painted in metallic silver spray paint. The hand was then sprayed with hints of metallic chrome undertones in key areas such as nails, and palm. 
The pairing of these two items made this a truly unique decor item that's bound to catch the eye of its beholder. 

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