Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Organic Home Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

A Home Organic remedy for Allergies,Cold & Flu made with ORganic Lemon,Honey,Organic Onions,Organic Garlic, Organic Ginger & Green Apples, Cinnamon
Note: As mentioned before on previous post in our " All Things Home Page" we from time to time take a well deserved break from  the interior/exterior home decor world and partake in other things that make a house a home. Hence keeping Spaces Made Perfect fresh and informative. 
The seasonal changes are here and we all know what that entails!  When most creatures in nature are asleep and taking a break from procreating per say, the viruses and bacteria seem to thrive creating havoc on many of us. 

Conversely, we all know that a strong immune system is the number one defense against these seasonal allergies attack. Nevertheless when the body lets one of these intruders in, it at times need some extra help from outside sources to eradicate the problem and keep them at bay. 

In this short post we will demonstrate how to make an Organic Home Remedy concoction for Seasonal Allergies, Colds and Flu symptoms. 
The Story behind this Remedy: What encouraged us to share this recipe, was how well it worked and has continued to work for ourselves and our loved ones. It all began when my spouse woke up one morning with swollen tonsils, painful swallowing and some horrible looking white spots all over the sides of her mouth. Our first impression dwelled on the thought of the dreaded "strep throat" Aka: streptococcus. Any of our kids had been previously sick at the time and considering this affects mainly children and teens, we were even more puzzled. 

The wife recalled an old recipe that was given to her by an acquaintance at her hair salon a couple days prior to feeling ill. This remedy was  given to the mentioned acquaintance by her latin american grandmother of whom lived on the countryside hills. We decided to put this concoction to the test and to our blessed surprise, after just one night of ingesting a hot cup of this tea she woke up with absolutely NO white spots on her tonsils and her ability to swallow without much pain was improved by about 40%.  There you have it, a good enough reason for us to want to share this with our social media world.  
Below are some of the ingredients and tools recommended to make this process quick and effortless: 

Note: Just like any and or most conventional forms of medicine(s) on the market, you may need to take this home made remedy for a couple days to ensure that the symptoms caused by the virus or bacteria is completely done away with. 

You want to go with Organic ingredients, because you will want use the skin of these ingredients in this recipe which will give the tea a greater punch, stockiness and added benefits.

1.  (1) Organic Onion
2.  (1) Organic Garlic
3.  (1) Organic green apple
4.  (2) Oz. of Organic Ginger root
5.  (1) Organic Lemon
6.  (2 tsp.) Cinnamon Powder
6.  (1) tsp. of sea salt: optional (salt act as an electrolyte making you feel hydrated
7.   Local raw honey if you have a sweet tooth (optional: for added sweetness)
8.   Chopping block, teapot or kettle
9.  16oz. of filtered water


Remember: Because the skin of the organic ingredients will not have the pesticide residue as many conventional products we will use them (wash thoroughly, but keep skin) ! 

Now that we have all the ingredients on hand, why don't we watch this short video below on how it was all put together. 

Note: One detail we missed in the video, is that once the steeping process is done, you may want to remove all the stock from the liquid prior to storing your tea. This will reduce the bitterness of the final product.
We also recommend that you consume the end product within 3 days as means of preserving the integrity and effectiveness. 

~Our Hopes is that you feel Better~
This Video includes Subtitles/Closed Captions (CC) if you are not able to see them, please enabled them in your browser under the video settings option.  
Publishers Note: For educational purposes only. We do not make any medical claims with regards to this post. Always consult your health care professional prior to using alternative forms of treatment(s) as your condition may require immediate medical attention. This information has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. 

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