How To: Freshen Up & Scent Infuse your Home While Vacuuming

This may seem like familiar grounds when speaking of deodorizing your living space. Nevertheless in this short snippet of a tutorial, we will discuss the idea on how you can infuse indulging scents into your home environment by means of vacuuming. 

No. We are NOT talking about DEODORIZING per say !

Food for Thought
Deodorizing as many may know it, is the act of wanting to extract particular scents from a given area in the home. This in turn should render a more neutral and or scentless environment. 
The fact of the matter is, there's really no way of completely creating a scentless environment per say. There are always smells that tend to linger around, whether it be from cooking, AC vents that circulate indoor or outdoor air throughout the home, etc.   

Our main objective was to avoid the use of powdered products as much as possible. For those who have young children and pets, realize that since their little noses tend to be closest to the ground, minimizing or even avoiding the use of such products can possibly prevent issues in the long run. 

What tools would you need to make this work:

1. A good quality vacuum makes all the difference when attempting to successfully keep your rugs, area rugs or floors dust and or dust mites free. 

Note: This process will not work for a bag less vacuum.  

2. HEPPA vacuum bags are the best option for making sure that whatever particles the vacuum picks up remain in the bag. 

3. Infusion essential oil do an amazing job of spreading the subtle pleasing odors throughout the space.   

It is always our best practice to perform vacuuming task approximately half an hour prior to your guest arriving. This will surely deliver a great first "scented impression" if you will. 

HEPPA bag used in this vacuum. Your vacuum bag style will be different depending on your vacuum model. 

Essential oils used to create our scent infused vacuum bags. We chose a mixture of Lavender and Eucalyptus. 

Pour a couple drops of each scent into the bags opening (just don't over do it) or your eyes will feel the burn. We used close to 5 drops of each. 
A little goes a long way !

Now it's time to place the bag in the appropriate track of the vacuum. Make sure bag is secured in place and you are ready to go. 

Conclusion: Even though there are several ways to bring pleasing scents into your living environment, this simple trick turned out to be very efficient and inexpensive. Conversely, each time we vacuum, this method tends to Freshen Up and Scent Infuse our Home without smoke, mist, or powders residue.  

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