How to Rid your Home of Pest Organically

Even though decorating and designing various aspects of your home may come easy for some and a daunting task for others, the one thing the majority will rule on is that; pest are a PEST to have around your home. 

whether rich or poor, or you own a small apartment condo or an estate in the hills of the mountain, the truth is pest are always lurking for a way to get into your living quarters. 

How you decide to handle your pest situation will solemnly depend on factors such as; Going green, pets or small children in the home.

Your decision may even just be based on a spiritual humane journey and you consider the sanctity of existence of all critters.  

Whatsoever your point of view maybe, I'm certain not the one to claim the rights to a unanimous decision.  

The concept explained in this short space of time is to advise you of the alternatives that may be available to you when it comes to getting rid of all those pesky critters that at times seem to infest ones living quarters.  

As the summer rains began to trickle in and the grassy areas around the neighborhood became swamped with heavenly waters, the insects that were once cozily secluded into the nooks and crannies of bushels seemed to have found their way out of the wetlands in search for a new dry place to nest their eggs.  

These dry places ended up to be in our home. Go figure.
There goes a couple of them Honey, looks like they are tap dancing on our counter.  
Where's the insecticide !   

This is usually the first reaction of every home owner no matter creed or gender wouldn't you say. 

Enough is enough already ! I took a trip to the nearest department store to see what product I could purchase to get rid of these sojourners. 

After 30 minutes of unpersuaded choices of insect products, I came across these babies. The Victor adhesive insect/pest trap [Source: Non-Sponsored] Maybe you have heard of these before but have never given it a chance on earth.  Let me tell you that these puppies are awesome and I'll explain why. 

The above image is an enlarged close up as we wanted to show you the literature on the packaging itself. We decided to result to these because:

a. The cost. We bought these for a low cost of $2.36 at a local wall-mart store therefore it was a no brainer as it would not break the bank.

b. Easy of use of this product was another key aspect. Each sheet is about 6 X 4 inches and placement can either be flat or shaped as a triangle yo fit into small nook areas. 

c. No need to step on these pest, therefore no clean up required. Not to mention, " No Cringing" Crunch Sound

d. Super sticky indeed. These traps are so adhesive that if you drop it on the ground you will literally need two hands to pull it up. 

Note: No worries, the adhesive does not leave any residue on the ground if this was to happen. 

Warning: The following images are not for the faint of heart , or for those who tend to cringe at the up close site of bugs.

My apologies for the gross image folks. Here lays a critter with no place to go. 

This is the trap folded as mentioned before. Easily tucked away under the cabinet. (Pulled it out for a better view.)

I guess the other two did not get the message and wanted to see if they could lend a helping hand. 

In this image you can see how these suckers crawled across the room and rested on the area rug (Just imagine this part folks as it wasn't filmed).  I had a trap handy and proceeded to simply sneak behind and lay the adhesive trap over it. 

The results. An instant sticky situation for this pesky nuisance. 
HURRAH. I'm a believer

No toxic fumes on my area rug and no risk of poisoning or contamination for the kids who play around in this area. 

Now in all fairness, there are also products out there that are labeled "Eco-Smart". In other words, people and pet friendly pesticides. In my opinion not because a product comes with a safe claim, means it is not harmful over continuous exposure and over time. 

We only ask that you consider all the ingredients listed on the container and make an informed educated choice.  
Note: We chose this route of using the pest control adhesive traps, not because we feel over spiritual about killings insects or rodents. We simply felt that because we have little ones at home it was the safest way to prevent them accidentally getting their toys or feet soiled by the common conventional insecticides. 

Conclusion: If you are a " Go Green " promoter and enthusiast, or you simply have decided you want to have a more healthy conscious home, we suggest using means on How to Rid your Home of pest Organically. We believe that your health and that of your loved ones ( including your pets ) are worth the extra mile. 

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