Spring Seasonal Decor Items and Ideas

Spring 2019

An outdoor large cylinder clay ornament used to create a small fireplace.
Here we have a sample view of  a small area of this patio makeover. We opted to go Bold in color by adding a deep navy blue patio corner table, a beautiful throw filled with flower art designs and a pair of 26 X 26 outdoor pouf ottoman seating topped by two white polyester cushions. 
We are not afraid of HUGE sized items when decorating small spaces. Implementing a large item tends to trick the mind in believing the space is bigger. Nevertheless, when attempting this technique, try to keep the item as neutral in color to the space hosting it.  
Ex: if your surrounding walls are dark in color, pick a large decor item with a dark color, if neutral then go neutral. If you can't find the perfect item in the right color, then pick what you love and paint it in order to make it work. You get the point!

The Oversized outdoor clay cylinder ball (left ) we chose also boasted flower like pattern openings.This was key considering we were going to use it to create a small outdoor fireplace (more on this latter). 
An outdoor large cylinder clay ornament used to create a small fireplace.
A Rattan wicker recliner chair, throw/throw pillows, a patterned outdoor rug, large potted plants and a pair of large metal wall art where all used to anchor this functional space made perfect.  

We decided to approach this spring season with a little different flair. As seen above, we took a chance and used decor items such as these metal leg and beak pair of porcelain birds and incorporated them into a large into potted rubber plant. 
This was a real treat to sit back and enjoy!
The fusion of the natural "real life" of the potted plants and the "appearance of real life" of the porcelain birds truly sprung life into this renewed space.     
Above we can appreciate how a row of five solid metal carved spring bird decor sit above a contemporary fireplace mantle. These birds are welded to a thin metal sheet and then adhered to a 12 X 1 X 4 inch pine wood. 

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