How to: Make Homemade Antiseptic-Disinfecting Wipes

A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a wet wipe holder
Before we share this great idea on this short post,have you ever stopped to think how much money is spent on common household items like disinfecting wipes! 
Disinfecting and or Antiseptic wipes are terms that are commonly used interchangeably  and can be somewhat confusing when looking at a product label.

One of the main reasons we love this do it yourself idea is that it will also help reduce the imprint of plastic waste by reusing the same container whenever you run out.
Before diving into this D.I.Y idea let's just take a closer look at the differences between the two.

Difference between these are
Both antiseptics and disinfectants, aid in  stopping or slowing microorganism growth. These also contain chemical agents sometimes called biocides,with the former usually having lower concentration of biocides.  

One of the most common over the counter antiseptics is Hydrogen Peroxide either by itself or used as an ingredient agent in disinfectants. Confused yet!  
An antiseptic in normally applied to the body or as a gargle/mouth rinse, while a disinfectant is normally applied to nonliving surfaces such as counter tops and in hospital settings to sterilize an exam table for example.

Note: Always pay attention to the label when using either of these agents. something as common as an over the counter antiseptic can cause chemical burn or severe irritation to the skin if used for a prolonged period of time. As if this wasn't mind boggling enough, some labels may even classify some antiseptics as "Skin disinfectants". 

Most antiseptics sold over the counter already come pre-diluted in water, but can still be strong enough to cause irritation considering the fact that not all skin types are made equal. When treating minor burns or wounds at home DON'T use for more than a week seems to be the common label warning.

The bottom Line to take home with you, is that Antiseptics are substances or chemicals that stop growth of microorganism usually on skin surface; Not to be confused with harsher chemical agents normally found in Disinfectants used on non-organic surfaces.

When considering to use any of these, especially on your skin "less is always better".   

A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a wet wipe holder
For this homemade disinfecting and or antiseptic wipes,we will begin by re- purposing this empty plastic coffee container and using it to host our wet wipes. 

Step 1. Use coffee container and a ultra absorbent-strong brand of paper towel(any brand will do as long as it is strong enough to hold liquids without easily breaking apart).     

A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a Wet Wipe Holder
Step 2. Cut the paper by leaving at least 1/4 inch of space between the towel paper and the lid of the container. This will give enough clearance for the paper to freely expand once wet.
Here we used a serrated kitchen knife which seems to do the job better. 

A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a Wet Wipe Holder
Step 3. Mix about 1/2 cup of (1)part water and (1) part Hydrogen peroxide into a bowl.
b) Add a teaspoon of (paraben-free, non-synthetic, dye-free, plant based, Bio-based) liquid dish washing soap.

c) Add few drops your your favorite(Organic)essential oil(s).


e)Place the towel paper into the coffee container upright. 

Note: Depending on where,what or how you'll be using your wipes, you can opt to use non bleach chlorine (for counter tops or bathrooms area). 1/2 of a cap to 2 cups of water should suffice for this size coffee container. Never mix these agents together and always use gloves when handling chlorinated agents.

A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a Wet Wipe Holder
Step 4. Place towel paper into container and saturate with the mixture.

b) Close the container for about 4 minutes and proceed by making a 1/4 inch plus (+) sign hole at the center of the lid.

c) Remove the brown cylinder from the center of the role and you are ready for the feeding process.

A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a Wet Wipe Holder
A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a Wet Wipe Holder

Step 5. Feed your wet wipes through the hole in the cover,close tight and you are ready to wipe your troubles away ;)!
You may also choose to dress up your container as you find appropriate for your occasion or location in your home (bathroom,kitchen,babies room, etc).
You may do so by painting it prior to starting the process or by dressing it up with your favorite textile and or upholstery.  
A Folgers Coffee Container Re-purposed as a wet wipe holder
For this project we wanted to use these wipes to clean areas around the kids room. Therefore we opted to use old newborn and toddler clothing. 
This option gave us the flexibility of spicing things up by switching the dressing, making it fun and interesting.

Publishers Note/Disclaimer: The information in this post and or video feed is not intended to replace or supplement treatments by a licensed health care professional. You must always consult a licensed provider prior to treating injuries that may threaten your well being or that of your loved ones.        

Below we have placed a short you-tube video showing our hands on process ~ENJOY~.

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