How To Keep your Home Allergen and Dust mite free

1. Frames
If you take a closer look at your picture frames, you will notice that dust and grime have settled and made residence. White picture frames are very good at doing this and unless you are looking very up close, this is an easy miss area while deep cleaning your home. 

When cleaning frames, especially those that are of painted surfaces, try not to use solvents as these can cause the finish of your frame to fade and or become runny. A simple 1 to 2 part solution of soap and water on a dampen cloth should do the trick. 
ex: As seen above, a Q-Tip was used to swab the top of the frames in order to get a better view of the actual dust that has accumulated   

2. Light Fixtures 
Depending on where your fixtures are located in your home they can be most certainly forgotten. Lets take for example the lighting in your kitchen. 
If you were to slide your fingers on various surfaces in your kitchen, especially those at a height for example: Hood vent, cabinets, hanging pots and utensils, you may notice a sticky grime that has been built over time.
This is mainly caused by vapor moisture and oils that rise when cooking and therefore settle on these surfaces mingling with the dust. 
3. Fan 
Whether it be a floor standing and or ceiling fan, these can also go unnoticed. 
Besides circulating air, these summer season favorites can garner a vast amount dust on its rack and flat surfaced propellers. 
If you have a floor standing fan, most can be taken apart easily and its rack and propellers can be washed. 
Needles to mention that a clean, dust free fan can circulate much cooler air throughout your living space making it more efficient.  

4. Microwave
The Microwave is another area that seems to take a back seat when it comes to our cleaning chores. Since this appliance usually sits above the stove, it is needless to say that this is where most of the moisture and grease from cooking will settle whether it be above the appliance it meets the cabinets or below  at the vents itself.   
5. Top of Cabinets
If your kitchen cabinets are not installed flush against the ceiling, then you will definitely have dust and sticky grime in this area as well. 
Simply use a 1 part soap  to 2 part water solution on a damp cloth to loosen and clean this area.  

6. Baseboards
When it comes to dust, grime and moisture, the home is not exempt from what we know as the "Law of Gravity", hence "what goes up must come down."
The grime that we usually find settled on baseboards is usually more pronounced in the kitchen areas. This may be due to the same reasons mentioned above regarding kitchen lighting, utensils and kitchen appliances. 
Nevertheless the opposite effect takes place. Instead of the sticky grime settling at the top, it finds residence at the bottom where our brooms, mops and swiffer jets are of null effect. 
To address this area we like to use clorox and or lysol wipes which makes for an effortless clean. 

7. Water Heater / AC Closet

To my demise, it is amazing to see how many homes we have been to in which this space is completely ignored. 
When most of us change our AC filters we don't even take note of the dust trap that lurks behind closed doors of the water heater and or AC closet. 
Most renters don't even pay attention or even care enough to consider cleaning this area or much less, giving this area a thorough cleansing at all. 
Keeping this area clean prior to each filter change will also decrease the frequency in which you may have to change your AC filter while improving your units efficiency. 
Using a small wet and dry shop vac makes this job easy, as its long nozzle and attachment parts makes it simple to reach the ceiling and tight enclosed areas of the closet.    

Note: The doors that encloses the AC and Water heater is slated  in a shutter like fashion for a reason. As the AC unit automatically turns itself On and Off, is pulls dust, dead skin and other particles that lay around your living space and sucks it through the door opening and onto the AC filter. All the remaining particles that don't make it onto the filter is collected on the door itself and throughout the closet.  
8. Water Heater Tank
For water heater tanks that are usually enclosed in a closet along with the AC unit (mainly seen in apartment homes), will also have vast amounts of dust settled on its surface. 
Keeping this area clean prior to each filter change will also decrease the frequency in which you may have to change your AC filter.  

Hope these tips where of any help to you in your task of keeping "Your" Space Made Perfect allergen and dust mite free. As always feel free to share your thoughts with us. 

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