How to of an Interior Home Entryway

 As you can see here this is a wall that sits at the entrance to the home. Previously to deciding on creating this entryway, there where pictures and other items that took residence on this wall. 
The thing with painting walls that have been previously used to hang items, is that it will show imperfections. Especially after a fresh coat of paint. 

 We can't stress enough the fact that unless you REALLY do a great job in smoothing out all the rough spots of the walls, you must go with a flat finish option of your paint color choice. Anything other than a flat finish will make that imperfection pop out the wall like an annoying Zit.  

 Just another angle of the same wall in which we used wall putty to cover some holes. 
 You may purchase this putty at your favorite home improvement store such as Home Depot. I suggest using the (Regular Spackling)and not the Lightweight Spackling wall putty. 

The regular kind putty is more like play-dough and seem not to crack or yellow as it dries. Don't forget to sand these areas of putty once dried. 

How to of an Interior Home Entryway
Now once your holes are covered and sanded, a fresh coat of paint will bring the wall back to life. 

This other part is a matter of choice. 

Here the client may or may not want to use area rugs depending on factors such as whether there are kids in the home or whether shoes are a NO, NO in the home. 

As you can see here a beautiful cowhide rug was used as a statement adding some interest to the entryway as soon as the doors are opened.  

How to of an Interior Home Entryway

Just another angle with layered area rugs. At this point you may have already noticed the extra large rectangular mirror on the wall. This was added to give the area a much larger appearance as light bounces around the room. 

This mirror will also help reflect the outdoor area that sits right across from it, hence giving the appearance of a larger living space.  
On the right of this post you can view a short video clip shared by " This Old House". In this clip it demonstrates technique on hanging over-sized mirror or objects for that matter on dry wall. 

Note: You may also use the same technique for hanging the curtain rod finals used in this tutorial, "if you are planing to hang heavy objects from time time".

How to Create an Entryway in an apartment Home.

Ahhh embellishments. One of the most exciting aspects of designing a space that brings it all together.  

Small apartment entryway ideas.

A little close up of items used in the space. We added a potted plant under this chic vintage bench momentarily. If you are having visitors and you have a No Shoes Please ! policy, then the bottom of the bench could be used to neatly place these.

How to Steps on an Apartment Entryway

The Chic Vintage bench cushion is wrapped in a velvety silver/blue fabric purchased form Joann's fabric store.

Small apartment entryway ideas
By: JoFer Interiors SMP

Many folks use hooks of various types in order to hang objects through out their homes. In this How to of an Interior Home Entryway tutorial, we decided to use wooden curtain finals instead.

Wooden finals tend to be lighter and absorbs paint color better than metal. Not to mention they are also more scratch resistant. 

How to Steps of an Apartment Entryway
By: JoFer Interiors SMP
Another shot of the curtain final attached to the wall. We used Rust-Oleum Silver and Rose metallic spray paint while giving it an elegant shimmer with some Pearl White Mist spray paint. 

We fell in love with these color as we used them in previous projects and let me say that we could ONLY find these at the local home depot. All other improvement stores we tried carried the brand, but not the colors.

Small apartment entryway ideas
By: JoFer Interiors SMP
Here is another shot of the space with items hung on the wall. Please be advised that it is always best practice to use toggle bolts to attach items to the wall if you are expecting it to handle some considerable weight (hand bag with a laptop) for example. 

a. If you don't expect to hang much weight at least you are ready for that one occasion, especially if you have visitors on the regular. 

b. Another thing to consider in a small entryway is the use of the largest mirror possible. This will help bounce light across the room making it feel lighter. If you look closely, this mirror reflects the outdoors that sits right across from it making the entire area seem much larger. The effect is truly amazing. Tricking the eye with the use of mirrors is magnificent. Something we did not invent by the way.  

Creative Steps of Creating an Apartment Entryway.
By: JoFer Interiors SMP
How to Create an Apartment Home Entryway
By: JoFer Interiors SMP

Small apartment entryway ideas
By: JoFer Interiors SMP

We also added an umbrella stand for those rainy days. No Slip and Falls here. 
In this umbrella stand sits an umbrella a duck and a horse! 

Excuse me what!  A duck and a horse umbrella shoe slide canes that is. BEAUTIFUL, is it not!
Small apartment entryway ideas
By: JoFer Interiors SMP

Small apartment entryway ideas

Another view form below. Well that would do it for this beautiful interior home entryway. Hope you were able to get some great ideas for YOUR space made perfect. 

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