Autumn-Fall Seasonal Decor Items and Ideas

FALL 2018
For your next fall gathering give your dinner, hors d'oeuvre, and or snack table setting, a simple touch of eatable and not so eatable decor. 
Here we used a simple bone white porcelain medium sized bowl of which we filled with small white marble rocks and decorative glass stones. A pair of pine cones collected from the back yard were used to set the tone for fall decor. 
To top it of, a solid 4 X 4 block of Honey Comb was nestled into the bowl hence complementing the rest of the fall decor around the dinner table. 
This was not only meant for decor purposes, but also served as a delicious, succulent treat for guest after a wonderful meal. 

NoteThe honey comb is left in its original container as it sits in the bowl. Once ready to be served, only the top quarter of the container will be opened.
Fallen for Pumpkins

In the last 3 images above we  have created a simple, uncluttered dining table decor setting perfect for Fall and Autumn season. Take note of the large weird shaped Mum's Pumpkins used to flag the ends of the table. 
When choosing your pumpkins don't just opp for the good old fashion orange round shaped. We love using neutral colored pieces of decor that are intriguing and can at the same time become a conversational piece for your guest. 
These beautiful hand picked oddly shaped pumpkins are truly something to talk about and act as another natural and organic focal point in the space.  
Also notice the over-sized metal pumpkin shaped candle holder that grounds the dining table as a centerpiece. While being large, it still does not restrict the visual flow of your guest while seated at the table.

Below we have placed a short video snippet on how we created the illuminated bowls seen in the images above. 

Hide Away
Animal hides such as this cowhide and sheepskin shown above are an intricate part of our decor schemes. From cowhides to sheepskins, these natural rugs add dimension, elegance and a soft touch of nature to any contemporary, traditional, rustic or eclectic interior space. 
Natural hides can range from $100 to $1000 depending on its size and origin, but are extremely durable and stand the test of time very well. Hides from Brazil are considered the best in the industry followed by Argentina and Colombia. Natural sheepskin on the other hand are vastly harvested in places like Australia or the Netherlands.

Don't be fooled be the faux skins that are advertised at much lower prices. These may look great for a couple weeks but will not stand the test of time. Not to mention the feel of the hairs are definitely nothing close to that of the natural hides.  

Please noteall hides used in our decor plans are sourced from manufacturers and or distributors that only use hides from animals used as food source and are not harvested simply for their hides.

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